If you watch the world you’ll notice we humans are the only animals who do things on purpose to make our lives harder.

I guess this is because we can imagine things. The other animals mostly watch things happen. I don’t know how much they think about them. There are animals that use tools to make things happen. From what I’ve seen, the things these animals are making happen are good for them. Most tool usage has to do with getting food or building nests.. Some animals are organized as in the use of sentries.

Birds that use twigs to coax ants out of their holes don’t one day get bored and decide to poke their stick in the hornets nest. From what I’ve seen each animal does things that are a benefit to the species. They do this through the use of their senses. Cows won’t pick GMO’s over natural foods. They smell it and know it’s not best for them and they avoid it if they have a choice. Their senses are working for them.

For whatever reason humans seem to have lost their senses. I think we could add a seventh sense to our list of senses and include instinct. It could be that the reason most animals routinely do what’s good for them is the built in sense for species survival.

I’ve spent some time throughout my life not using drugs, not drinking and hanging out with people in AA. I hung out with AA people because they were easier for me to get along with than other Anonymous groups. One girl I spent time with would say, “Do the next right thing”. If we think about this simple directive, how much could go wrong if we just did the next right thing? Even not knowing what the next right thing might be but wanting to find out would qualify as the next right thing.

Animals that are really good at being animals do the next right thing. They know. As far as being animals goes I can’t think of any reason we would be seen as the better animals of the animal kingdom. Overall I see humans as individuals somewhere on the scale between inspiring and crap. I’ve spent a lot of time being a crappy animal: pouring drugs, petro-toxins and crappy food into my body. Filling my psyche with crap thoughts. Being mean and selfish, bitter and resentful, tired and afraid and so on. Like I’d lost my senses.

At any time I can do the next right thing. The next right thing is always sitting right there in front of me. I may not know what the best next thing to do is but I have a list of good things I can do for myself … right here, right now, every day.

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