Human technology and physical pain

We know as addicts that we act when the pain out weighs the gratification. After more than a decade of sobriety I’ve yet to meet anyone who I would say has quit for any other reason than to end their own suffering.

We who remained with our addictions long term more than likely wrecked or damaged some parts of our bodies. I have all but ruined my knees (more…)

No drugs and broke

I stayed broke most of my life. Not that I didn’t make a lot of money, but… I was an addict. My primary concern, my motivation, was staying fixed. (more…)

The addictions of the normals

Since my early years of life after addiction I’ve looked at the addictions of the normal people. The non-addicts.

Non-addicts are like non-smokers. Non-smokers don’t smoke cigarettes, they aren’t addicted to nicotine. (more…)