If it feels bad do it

I quit smoking a while back. I still use tobacco, still an addict, I just stopped inhaling smoke.

I was finishing up an apartment and a guy offered me a cigarette. I took one, lit it, and it tasted like cigarettes used to taste. Took me back to when I was first getting started. I noticed something else that I’d felt way back then… inhaling tobacco smoke felt bad. I didn’t like it. I took a couple drags then handed it back. Said, “Here, take it with you”.

Then, a few minutes later, I noticed something else. I wanted to light up another one. Weird. It didn’t feel good. I didn’t like it. I wanted another… Very weird

Bob’s a drug addict

Bob’s a drug addict. You want to help Bob by getting Bob to see his real problem lies in his thinking… but Bob’s a drug addict

The traveler

Through leaves, some eyes look out

In the forest, I am watched

No threat felt but curiosity

I am the visitor, the traveler

When little cats fly

The days are light when little cats fly and the barking pups jump after…
The birds do a Salsa, the moon smiles coy and the chorus is sung in laughter