Idea 65

At times we’re completely aware that we all live in worlds separate from one another… During these episodes we’re likely less frustrated

How to stay clean and sober

When I first got clean I had all kinds of ideas about this. I guess my first idea was, I had no idea, so I figured I’d got to meetings every day and talk to people. That was a good idea

As I started to think clearer and learned more about myself and my thinking I got some different ideas about why I was staying clean, while most others were not. I knew I had a lot of bad data about life and people and a lot of goofy thoughts and ideas, so I set out to find all this goofy thinking and faulty data and get rid of it. That was a good idea

Eventually I was examining every belief I had about everything. I ditched those ideas about god, yes I had no higher power I could name, all the ideas about values, morals, good and bad, purpose, about every thought I had in my head, and started over. This is an ongoing process and for me a good idea

But I think, more than anything else, why I stayed clean is because I really wanted it. I was just done with the pain that addiction turned out to produce. I was done having my situations trashed. I was sick of dealing with all the bad things addiction brings with it.

Now that I write this, isn’t that what the recovered say? We were sick and tired of being sick and tired? I doubt many people will do what I do. I haven’t met any. But I bet the people that stay sober will all tell you they’d had enough of being addicts

The body after addiction

There are a few people I’ve run across, since I got off drugs, that I think fall into the researcher category when it comes to health and wellness. No matter what their beliefs are they have given me some good data. Carolyn Dean is one such person

The people that read my blogs know that medicine, and even alternative medicine, has become so specialized that they don’t see the whole picture – they just see specialized parts. I spoke about this recently in my blog Total Body Meltdown.

Because doctors don’t see the whole body, they don’t see that basic remineralization and gentle detox are the solutions

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